Todays Drug Regulations

To conclude my blog I would like to state that the drug regulations today are quite different with the time changes. Marijuana is legal for medicinal uses in California, Colorado and Washington. MDMA is being researched and will be legal in 2020 for therapy sessions for veterans that suffer from PTSD. Psychedelics are such as LSD and mushrooms are currently being investigated to help treat schizophrenia. So far the studies have shown psychedelics are helping recreate neuro-connections in the brains. I have a friend that is currently using mushrooms to treat his schizophrenia. He states that since starting, it helps alleviates his hallucinations both auditory and visual. He also noticed that he is not paranoid and able to better interact with people. He states that recent MRIs show that many connections have reformed since using mushrooms and LSD. The War On Drugs continues but there is modern day research that shows illicit drugs might be able to help humans.


25 I

25 I is a synthetic drug that is similar to LSD also known as acid. The dangers of 25 I is that you do not have to take much more to have an overdose. I am talking about this because I had a friend that accidentally took 25 I assuming it was acid. They had taken acid before but never 25 I. Once they took the 25 I they noticed something was off because there tongue had gone numb. About and hour later their body had begin to feel very heavy and started to have visual hallucinations. They described the trip and began to have ego death. They forgot who they were and was in a disassociated state. I think its scary that designer drugs are being marketed as drugs that many people know. This is dangerous because you truly do not know what you are taking and can have very fatal consequences. Acid art

Spice spreads in America

With the rise of marijuana usage across America becoming steady, more and more designer drugs are being produced. K2 spice is a synthetic version of marijuana that gained popularity in 2014. Spice was particularly popular with teens. Spice can not be detected by drug tests and therefore it is popular. My friends dad had accidentally tried spice thinking it was marijuana. He described to me that his heart felt like it was beating super slow but in reality it was beating very quickly when we had taken his pulse. Its pretty scary to think about how spice has becoming a popular drug when there is no research on the long term effects on the human body. Hopefully spice will be regulated by the FDA because anyone can legally purchase spice from online and smoke shops. Spice

Bath Salts

In 2012 there was a spike in the synthetic drug called bath salts. This is a scary drug due the fact it leaves the user in a dissociated state of mind. There have been horrific stories where people have been in a zombie like state and attack people.

It is quite unbelievable that people would actually try a drug that does this to people.

Prescription Pills

In 2012 Prescription pill abuse was becoming more and more common among the citizens of the United States. Many of these pills were opioids used as pain killers. This is a problem because many of these doctors do not suffer from the consequences of becoming addicted to the pills. The patient is the one that suffers from the addiction and the problem is that these pills are legal for and used for pain. Many people start to become too dependent on the use of these pills for pain relief. Pill stats prescription pills

This chart shows the sharp increase in pain killers being abused. Why was there a sudden increase in the use of painkillers.

Ecstasy and Raves

Ecstasy use began to rise sharply in the 1990s. The drug became popular with the rave and party scene due to its features it gave the users a high feeling of empathy and energy. It became much more popular than cocaine and became the party drug. Ecstasy is in a pill form that can be pressed into any shape some examples are smiley faces and skulls. Today it is taken by 10 to 12 million Americans have tried ecstasy at least once in their lifetime. Today there is a ecstasy marketed under a new name Molly. Molly is supposed to be in a powder form or crystal form and taken orally. Around 2012 Molly was the new name for ecstasy and was marketed as pure MDMA the main component of ecstasy. MDMA is short for 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine and is what gives the users the high from ecstasy. The DEA has put ecstasy as a Scheduled  1 drug which has no medical use and high potential for abuse. Ecstasy

Heroin in America

Heroin use in the United States becomes more popular and usage begins to increase in the 1990s. Heroin is derived from the Poppy flower and the sap collected from the flower called opium. Opium is used to make a variety of medicines such as morphine today. With the rise of heroin use there were a wave of addicts overdosing. Many international drug traffic organizations had begin to heavily market heroin. It popped all over the United States. The DEA tried to prevent heroin use in the United States through propaganda of overdosed addicts. Heroin was coming from several places including Mexico, China and Colombia. The rise of Heroin is starting again now in 2016! With the legalization of medicinal marijuana as well as recreational use, marijuana from Mexico has been decreasing but heroin is now being imported to the states. This is quite concerning because the heroin overdose deaths have increased 286 percent from 2002 to 2015. There has been a plan to combat the heroin use that is now rising in the United States. Heroin